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Welcome to Mehran School

For more than 5 decades, Mrs. Masoumeh Sohrab-Mafi and Mr. Yahya Mafi provided life-changing educational programs for thousands of children and youth who attended Mehran School in Tehran and developed programs for The Children’s Book Council in Iran. They promoted Iranian children’s literature in other countries and dedicated their time to children’s encyclopedia.

After passing away of Mr. Yahya Mafi in Jan 2014, Mehran School Alumni in United States decided to create an educational foundation in California to have the legacy of Mafis who change their life live on.

We operate as a nonprofit organization with a passionate staff of 100% volunteers, so your donations go directly to educating life lessons to children,building schools, building children’s libraries, providing children books, art & literacy programs and workshops to prepare high school children get ready for life.

What was unique about Mehran School and differentiated that with other schools?

  • Learned how to respect and care for people with different back grounds
    Neda Sobhiazar
  • English classes and bringing us the best friends ever
    Mastaneh Borghei
  • به همّتِ دستانِ یاری‌گٰر،اندیشه‌ی والا و دل‌های پر‌مهرِ معصومه سهراب و یحیی مافی، دو انسانِ کم‌نظیرِ این جهان،از کودکی دویدیم تا بلندای زندگی و هر کدام بر فرازی پریدیم ،اکنون، این‌جا شعله‌ای‌ست جان‌بخش، به یادگار و به پاس آن روز‌ها، خاطره‌ها باشد که با حضورِ ما در کانونِ این شعله‌ی گرمی‌بخش یادِ تلاش و همّت آن فرزانه‌بانو و بزرگا‌مرد در خاطرِجهان و جانِ فرزندانِ مهران جاودان بماناد

    Shahrzad Fotouhi
  • Knowing that every 1st of Aban we'd be gathering at Mehran to meet up with old friends and classmates, which was later completed by 1st MOndays of the month. Remaining in contact and every Mehrani cherrished individually by the Mafis. I have 32 years of letters exchanged between Mr. and Mrs. Mafi and me.
    Mandana Ghashghai
  • a) Our library b) English classes c) End of the year school wide celebrations and many more ... :)
    Pegah Paknejad
  • 1) library.2) english classes3) music classes. 4) end of year celebration. 5) teaching how to summarize an article( book) from very beginning. 6) positive reinforcement( cart afarin) which had a huge impact on behavior. 7) teaching how to live and consume( not to be wasteful and consume what you have got to the very end) . We don't see any of these even here in USA. 8) teaching how to respect each other and adults
    Sepideh Nabavi

What Makes Us Special

These are the two main things that makes us special.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education, experience and opportunity to children and youth through the life lessons and continued research of best practices and educational programs to transform their dreams to reality and improve their quality of life.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision is to advance opportunity to children to explore their ideas, dreams, passion, friendship, humanity and all life has to offer.