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Mrs. Mafi

mrsmafiFaranguees (Masumeh) Sohrab, Mafi (1925-2004) was a co-founder of Mehran School, a teacher and conducted many research projects in the fields of education and publications for children and young adults. She was one of the founders of the Children’s Book Council of Iran.

Faranguees Sohrab was a daughter of Sohrab family who were in the medical profession for several generations. Her grandfather Abutorab Sohrab was a well-known physician of the mid nineteenth century. Her father abdolvahaab, also a physician, married Fakhrottaj Saqafi, daughter to one of the first graduates of Darolfonun engineering department. He built many bridges and dams in Iran including Fariman Dam in Khorasan. Fakhrottaj was one of a very few girls who went through Tarbiat School, the first modern school in Iran.

Faranguees Sohrab, went through Nobavegan, Joan D’arc and Anushiravan Dadgar where she received her high-school diploma. Then she took painting lessons from Jafar Petgar and attended Tehran School of Arts. She married in 1950, founded Mehr Kindergarten in 1953 and co-founded Mehran School together with her husband shortly after. The success of these schools were mainly based on her novel and creative methods in education that relied heavily on arts and games.

Most of her time in school was spent on designing curriculums in Math, Arts and Literature. But she also paid special attention to their social skills.

After her forced retirement in 1979, Faranguees Sohrab continued her cultural involvement in the Children’s Book Council of Iran. Apart from being a board member of the Council, she was in charge of the group assisting young writers as well as the publication of the Report of the Council for 12 years from 1966

Later, she became involved in the production of the Iranian Encyclopedia for Children and Young Adults and founded Friends of the Encyclopedia in 1989.

Ms. Sohrab was also an active member of Puya Educational Research Association that studied elementary school textbooks of Iran.